Inspire Your Space, Inspire Your Workout

Home workouts are a struggle for many of us. There are some that strive in it, while others dread just the thought of it. I want to share with you some of my personal favorite tips and tricks on how to create a space within your home that is enticing, inspiring, and energizing for you.

Eliminate Spatial Barriers

Be efficient about your space — this is so important. Getting motivated to exercise from home can be hard enough as is, but seems insurmountable if you have to rearrange your whole house to do it. This is an easy barrier to eliminate but may require some thought and creativity. My husband and I live in a small one-bedroom apartment, so I can empathize with those of you in tiny spaces! For me, this meant creating an efficient furniture rearranging system for each time I teach barre. This is not ideal, but if this is you, think about the most efficient way to do this in your space. It has to be quick though, since we all know that in moment of weakness, this is an easy excuse we can give ourselves to forfeit our workout! If, however, your space allows, rearrange some furniture to provide a permanent place where you can easily roll out your mat, or better yet, dedicate a spare room or garage space!

Get a basket or tote to store all of your barre equipment. This will keep everything in one place that is easily accessible. No one wants to scramble through multiple toy boxes to find their weights or ball. Not only is that your dedicated workout time wasted but also provides an increased opportunity for your motivation to sink.

Remove (or hide!) the distraction of clutter. For most of us, this is hard, if not impossible, to do at home. I know for myself, I am constantly thinking of all the things that need to be gathered, cleaned, organized, and etc. as I gaze around the four walls of my apartment. If you can separate yourself physically by going into a less cluttered room, do so. If this is unrealistic for you (as it is for me), I suggest getting a sheet to cover any clutter in your room that might distract you (so long as it’s not the kids or animals). Keep the sheet in your basket or tote with your other exercise equipment so it’s accessible every time you roll out your mat. This is obviously not a permanent solution, rather, it’s a small move that can help eliminate the racing “to do” thoughts we all have so we can stay present and focused on what we are doing.

Make Your Space Enticing (and keep it simple!)

Lighting — lighting is a room deal breaker for me. I have a hard time staying motivated in dreary spaces. I typically adjust the lighting according to my mood or to the time of day. I like bright lights (natural if possible) for mid-morning or mid-day barre workouts, and lower lighting for the early morning or evening. Your lighting may not be very adjustable, but sometimes the addition or elimination of light can help you focus and relax. I encourage you to play around with it and “set the mood.”

Fragrance — Fresh is best in my mind. If the weather allows, I try to open a window and breathe fresh air when exercising. If weather does not allow for that, or perhaps you live on a noisy street like I do, I will light an nice candle or diffuse some essential oils like lavender, peppermint, or pine. This may not be your thing, but I find aromatherapy to be invigorating as I exercise!

Temperature — This is an often overlooked feature of any workout space. I always prefer warmth when exercising to keep my muscles supple and loose and will typically heat my room to 70 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer. If it is available to you, bring in a small room heater that you can adjust accordingly if you would prefer not to turn on your central heat. Depending on the type of workout you are going for (cardio vs strengthening vs restorative) you will want to adjust the temperature of your room accordingly. It is important for you to keep your body warm throughout your workout, but always be mindful of remaining adequately hydrated.

Plants — I add greenery wherever possible. Fresh flowers and plants are not only great sources of oxygen, but they also are pleasing and calming to look at. Perhaps you can treat yourself to a houseplant that lives in your workout corner, or place a bouquet of flowers close by so you have something pretty to look at as you endure the occasional discomfort of barre (wink, wink).

Other aesthetics: Some people like to get a plaque with a motivating saying or one with a simple reminder such as “breathe” or “relax.” Perhaps one that says something inspiring to help you persevere. A mirror can also be effective and serve as a great way to enlarge a room that otherwise feels small!

These methods may or may not fit your style, and that’s okay. Whatever your approach, I highly recommend putting some thought into your home workout space. Create a space that is motivating, calming, and enticing for you. Even the smallest adjustments can enliven your space and create a sense of newness. This will help decrease the excuses we make for ourselves to skip our workout, and perhaps, be transformed into a space you are excited to enter in to!

Be well, my friend, and discover the beauty that surrounds you.

xo, stacia

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