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The Power of Planning Your Weekly Workouts

Sometimes I find that after the holiday, a lull (or perhaps a sugar hangover?) sets in and it can feel extra hard to motivate myself again. We’ve all been there and many of us are there now (hand raised!). If that is you, set aside some time this weekend to make a plan for your week ahead so that you can taylor your exercise schedule accordingly. You do not have to stick to your plan rigidly, but I find it incredibly helpful to build in my exercise time around what is going on each week (especially since my work schedule…

Home workouts are a struggle for many of us. There are some that strive in it, while others dread just the thought of it. I want to share with you some of my personal favorite tips and tricks on how to create a space within your home that is enticing, inspiring, and energizing for you.

Eliminate Spatial Barriers

Be efficient about your space — this is so important. Getting motivated to exercise from home can be hard enough as is, but seems insurmountable if you have to rearrange your whole house to do it. This is an easy barrier to…


Stacia was trained in classical ballet, barre, and pilates and provides quality online barre classes for all levels at

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